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Vocational Evaluation

Taft Vocational Experts provide attorneys and their clients with reliable, individualized data and analysis of employment and earning capacity to support a wide range of litigation including Wrongful Termination, Divorce, Worker’s Compensation, Wrongful Death, and Personal Injury as well as in non-litigation settings.

Our approach to gathering and analyzing data is customized to meet the needs of each situation. Here is a representative example of how the services are rendered:

Personal Profile Development

Taft Vocational Experts collects the necessary data by:

• Reviewing all appropriate documentation and
  Conducting in-depth personal interviews
Compiling employment histories
Conducting skills and aptitude testing as appropriate

Labor Market and Earning Capacity Analysis

We investigate regional and local labor markets to assess available career opportunities and determine wage and salary data. To ensure the use of the most accurate and up-to-date labor market data, we survey appropriate employers in addition to using government and private labor market databases. 

We identify empirical data from government and private compensation studies, along with custom surveys, to effectively opine on the earning capability of an individual. This includes complex income situations including entrepreneurial ventures, and multiple source income from part-time, project, and full-time employment.

Vocational Evaluation Report

We present our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive format providing all of the detail and documentation that the courts and opposing attorneys expect and demand. A typical employability and earnings capacity report includes:
Complete description of our methodology for preparing the evaluation
Synopsis of the subject’s educational, social and military background             when applicable
Detailed employment history and assessment of job experience, skills            and knowledge
Review of medical records and history
Vocational testing results
Employability analysis
Determination of earnings capacity
Documentation of information sources